Take a walk Chiang Mai Thailand #SMSnotes

Take a Walk is located in Doi Saket District. Chiang Mai Province. It is a shop that is located before the village of Pang Hai. If you come to Pang Hai, you will find this shop first. can stop by before going to other points Arrive and park in the parking lot. Then walk through a small alley along the wall. Along the way are a bamboo garden and various kinds of trees. Keep walking and you will come across a small creek. Cross the suspension bridge and see a wide lawn. That means you've arrived at the store. On the way, don't be afraid to get lost. because there is always a sign.

Great place to have a coffee (or a meal), either in the café or in the garden next to the beautiful creek. You need to walk (and it is a nice walk) from the car park, crossing the creek using a hanging (pedestrian) bridge. I had my lunch and an iced cappuccino. The coffee was great as well as the lunch. Looks like lots of families visit this place as there is a playground and enough space for kids to play. The garden area is well-maintained and very pleasant. There are also wooden cottages where you can stay overnight. The service was very good and friendly.

lawn area in front of the shop There are many buildings. Both the big and tall Tanzan tree houses are next to the stream. There is a suspension bridge that connects to the tree house, which has a high-angle view seat on each floor. Opposite the tree house is a playground that uses wood to build. Both slides, swings, and behind the playground is the area of ​​the house.
Seats in the riverside area Hear the sound of running water and feel relaxed. Suitable for eating with family or friends, the atmosphere is very good.

Take a walk is a good place for kids and their families. It is a simple place providing a natural environment and playground for kids. My family went there the second time. The play equipment in the playground is quite nice, all of them made from wood e.g.slide, swing, rocking horse, climb, hanging bridge. An attraction spot is a rabbit house. There are free of charge if you have bought drinks or meals. If not, you will be charged 50 Bahts per person.

Pretty interesting place to stop by and relax. Lots of playgrounds for the kids to explore and a beautiful river running through the grounds. The food wasn't that great.

Parking lot available. 5mins walk from there to the restaurant. The spacious area nearby a small river. You can choose indoor or outdoor tables. Kids will love the playground there.
Food & beverages are good and not too expensive.

Take a Walk really means that. A stroll of about 100 meters over pavements and a suspension bridge to arrive at a lovely estate surrounded by fresh greenery of Doi Saket, Chiang Mai. They have a Hobbit House dug into a small mound by the side of the café. It ain’t just a façade, it is entirely functional. We can go in there to find pastel interiors complete with tiny furniture. The play area is filled with many wooden playground structures and a very tall treehouse with seating on some of the levels. A stream fringes the side of the property. We also found a horse stable in the compound with curious horses coming to check us out. It was a very delightful afternoon we had.

Amazing Cafe', Mystery, Fun, Nature, Waterfall, Weir, River, Sling Bridge, Hobbit Cottage, Coffee, Ice Cream, Bake, Horse, Duck, Tree House, Playground. All in this place. The Exited begins when you walk out of your car. The small path brings you along the stream, the Small bridge, and finally is sling bridge across the river. The Hobbits Cottage appears in the courtyard, the waterfall close up on the left side and the Chimney on the right. The Cafe' is a step up nearby. My cup is Signature Take a walk coffee. Good test, aroma. I love this place.

You have to walk about 100 meters to arrive at the cafe zone. Reasonable price.
Delicious cheesecake.

Lovely garden trail and nature play structures. The cafe is nestled in the middle of the park. It serves all the usual cafe drinks one would expect, and also offers a few baked goods and packaged ice cream.
Recommend bringing mosquito spray, and protecting children from ants.
The trail includes narrow paths and suspension bridges. Best suited for physically able people. Not wheelchair accessible as far as I could see.

hidden away from the street.. a place where the true beauty of nature will amaze every person who ever walks across...
Parking: easy park at the front

A cozy place, I think it's perfect for a family visit! Although I don't have family, I've seen a bunch of families with kids having rest here. This place has a homestay, a restaurant, and a coffee shop, but right now only the coffee shop is open... The territory is huge, they have a river here, horses, a tree house, and a hobbit house of Lord of The Rings... Well, let's say that I'd be happy as hell if my parents took me here when I was a kid.

Charming spot. The walk to get coffee is where the adventure begins.
Captivating views of the river while drinking coffee in a sylvan setting.
Fanciful play area for children.

I seriously wanna give this place 100/100 (I am impressed by everything here) well organized area, a truly natural place to unwind myself and enjoy all the services! Tree, animal, 💙waterfall, 💜riverside, playground, great nature space,🍰🍛 food and drink☕ with GOOD price and people here are so nice, kind & friendly. I love this place & You sure will do 🤗

First of all the location on Google Maps is a bit inaccurate. Make sure to slow down and look for the sign on the left about 200 meters from the suggested location. Very pleasant and relaxing place. Come and try it for yourself.

This place is fantastic, a must-visit if you're in the area.
A beautiful family-run farm with great lawns, tree houses, a hobbit house, and other fun things to see. All on a cute little creek in a forest setting.
Also a restaurant and coffee shop.

Unique cafe, as you actually have to take a 5 min walk to get to the cafe. The scenery is beautiful and a nice place to enjoy a drink along the river. Very small weekend food menu. Would mainly recommend just for drinks and desserts.

It's a cafe that really creates a "walking tour" experience as the name Take a Walk really does.

From the parking lot of the shop, you have to walk about 100 meters to get to the shop. which will have to walk through a small bamboo forest arch, traverse through a narrow waterway, and cross a suspension bridge I invite you to think about what the destination will be...

As soon as you enter, there is a wide courtyard. Full of children's play equipment, slides, tree houses, rivers, and streams, everything is a photographic corner, very impressive.

As for the coffee beans, they might be a little ordinary, but it's not bad. Try ordering an orange coffee menu and enjoy it, but the highlight should be the dessert which is not very expensive. I tried to order a cheesecake brownie. This is delicious. The texture of the cake is smooth. It's overpriced. But maybe a little too sweet

Walking to get food to sit by the water, the cool breeze blows, very relaxing. It is recommended to have time for about 2 hours. It should be full of nature/photography.

I can tell you that I agree with the atmosphere and all of nature This shop is hidden in the forest, quiet, beautiful, very perfect. The location is 250 meters past the Doi Saket Hot Spring. It's on the left-hand side. Park the car in front and walk inside for about 100 meters. Cross a small bridge and you will feel a perfect nature.

There are many photo zones. and a children's climbing zone suitable for families wanting peace there are a variety of beverages to choose from on the menu. The highlight of this restaurant is the atmosphere. and peace There is accommodation in it. should be a resort But will have to think about asking for the price again. spacious area no mess This one is highly recommended.. Anyone who has passed through hot springs and has no accommodation. You can try to come and ask this way first.

Children's playground made of nature in a large garden. Water flows next to you and the wind blows softly under the shade of a tree, so you can sit without knowing whether it's hot or not.
Compared to the size of the cafe, there is only one toilet, so we had to wait all the time to get in. (weekend)

It is a cafe where you have to park your car and walk 100 meters to get to it.. It is close to The Isaket Onsen, so it seems like a good place to soak your feet, eat eggs, and have a cup of tea here. If you are a traveler, it would be good for a one-day course where you can simply take a break.

First of all, it is very nice to have a space where children can run and play to their heart's content. At the entrance, it says 50 baht when not using the cafe or the dormitory, but I'm not sure if they really take it. The outdoor table was on the lawn, so there were some ants here and there. Of course, indoor seating is also available.

The place 🏚🎪🌲 and the atmosphere, give 10 stars⭐️. Let's go. It's a cafe that is most suitable for children. There is a place to climb that is very fun. Bicycles for small children are also available for rent.

For groups that come as a family 👦🏻👩🏻👱🏻‍♂️🧓🏻👧🏻👶🏻 There are many corners to choose from. There is also a riverside, very shady, or sit at the balcony on the upper floor of the café. There are many zones to choose from.

Delicious spaghetti, good atmosphere, spacious place. There are also fun spots for children. Both sliders, tree houses, and lots of cute corners.
The atmosphere here is very good. Dogs can come in too. Shady with Nong French, I like it very much because it has a wide area with a river flowing through it. For anyone who has younger siblings and is difficult to take a trip, recommend it here.

The atmosphere is good, with shady trees, there is a stream, and the walkway before reaching the coffee shop is always signposted. Drinks and food are available.

a mysterious coffee shop You have to park your car (with free parking) and walk in. have a wide area There is a courtyard for children to run around, a tree house, a hobbit house (dwarf house), a suspension bridge, and accommodation.
Coffee is enough to eat, not very tasty, reasonable price, the decoration of the shop is not very beautiful.

The children had a great time and the ice americano was delicious and savory.
The children ate chocolate ice cream, but it was good because it was delicious ice cream sold in the market. There are various natural playgrounds, so we played without knowing the time 🤗
It's far from the city center, but I recommend it 👍🏻

This has to be the hardest cafe road I've ever walked. The winding path leads to the secluded place, there is no world. In the direction of Chiang Rai, you can also buy many special products in the surrounding villages, which are worth visiting.

Peaceful, shady, very good atmosphere. Other parts are considered ok. It's a long walk, but it's worth it. The food is not very expensive.