Santichon Village : Chinese Yunnan village in Pai , Mae Hong Son Thailand #SMSnotes

Pony rides & a rustic Ferris wheel at a Chinese village, plus shops for artisanal souvenirs.

Perfect spot for tea lovers!! Such a nice authentic village where Chinese ppl have small tea shops. You can try many different kinds of tea and buy what you like most. Atmosphere is nice 💯 I also feed fishes there and felt very happy

Nice little village to visit when you're in Pai. Activities include: traditional Chinese robe rental, BB guns, archery, riding a horse and going on a ferris wheel.

Beautiful place closer to the pai town. You can take a bike ride from the pai Street market for rent or single ride 80-100 THB. And walk to Yun Lai viewpoint.
The village is a Chinese place and it is culturally different with food as well.
You can taste Chinese food in nearby places.