09 January, 2024

Mae Kuang Udom Thara Dam Sunset #SMSnotes

It's a very good and quiet place with beautiful nature and amazing landscapes. Good for meditation, to be alone or with boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend. You should have your own transport to get here. The dam is found around 30km North of Chiang Mai along the highway 118 opposite Doi Saket town.

It's beautiful beyond words and definitely worth visiting! There are no tourists at all, and the scenery is very shocking! just breathe in and out and stay for the sunset😌

One of my favorite places in Chiang Mai..as I have many memories here.
Relaxing wide view of the lake and at the bridge open wind with fewer people.

Great place for an out-of-town trip from Chiang Mai. Take some food with you and enjoy the sun ☀️ set. Most days people come to enjoy the nice atmosphere around that time.

About 30 minutes outside of Chiang Mai is Mae Kuang Dam.
surrounded by green hills, this a beautiful spot. Most interesting is the new twin suspension bridge.

Mae Kuang Dam, a place that hides a mysterious beauty!! no matter how hot the sun is All the pictures that came out were absolutely beautiful. entrance to the dam can be accessed in many ways Extensive areas interspersed with mountains All types of vehicles are accessible. because the roads are very good The atmosphere is cool all the time. Inside there are restaurants and fishing boat rentals. the dam is not crowded Not as busy as Mae Ngad Dam, spacious, and an interesting landmark is a white bridge inside. No matter where you take photos, it's like being in a foreign country, of course, very beautiful. The road behind the inner dam is not perfect. It's also a Din Daeng road, but it's smooth. If you're not worried about dusty cars, you can enter if you pass the bridge. This line can be cut to the Phrao district.

Go to see the dam, the view is very beautiful, go in the morning, the weather is good, not very hot, there is a suspension bridge, a clear view, very beautiful. The car can run on the bridge across the other side. Charter a boat to watch around the bridge, price 400 baht, takes 50 minutes and can take snacks, and water, eat and enjoy inside the boat. The boat has a canopy, a canopy, and a seat hanging from it, you don't have to bend your knees. very comfortable.

It's very hot during the day. Must come in the morning and evening, the view should be beautiful and the weather is more comfortable. But there is a point to check-in to take pictures as well.

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