Cocoon Farm , Chiang Mai Thailand #SMSnotes

Cocoon Farm
Located in Tai Yong Village
to carry on the Tai Yong culture and tradition. 🤗
🏡Tayong Village The original villagers were Yong people of Tai Lue ethnicity. from Yong city in the Yong River·

Cocoon Farm is a new agro-cultural learning tourism farm and the latest tourism destination of Chiang Mai. We invite you to travel into the land of culture, learn and have fun with many activities from various activity zones."

This is the perfect destination for tourists and families that want to go a bit off the beaten path. It teaches you how to extract and then finally make silk from a cocoon in an extremely beautiful and picturesque environment. It has a lovely cafe/ restaurant with delicious drinks and food, lots and lots of activities for children + families and their own small farm. I would definitely recommend it, it's affordable, stunning and educational.

Wonderful educational space with aquaponic organic garden, animal farm, chicken coops, lotus pond, ceramic painting studio, gift shop, & cafe. We went for a workshop on keeping chickens but got treated to an holistic & interactive presentation by knowledgeable & committed university faculty & staff. Felt totally welcome & inspired to raise our own chickens, farm sustainably, and get back to living in harmony with nature. Kids, students, parents, elders, educators & entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from this growing enterprise not far at all from the city center!

So much fun here! I wasn't at all familiar with the silk making process and it was fun to see the worms in their different stages of life. The farm is beautiful, we loved the tie dying activity, and the lunch was delicious. Definitely worth the money!

Beautiful farm, friendly customer service. There are quite a few animals and educational things for children: the silk production process, weaving, coloring, quite a few animals the children can feed and interact with. The lotus pond is beautiful. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy a meal. Lotus flowers close as the day heats up, so it’s best to visit in the morning.

It is a source of knowledge. There are activities for the whole family to do. spacious place Not very far from the city There are feeding animals, watching albino buffaloes, pygmy pigs, turkeys, goats, rabbits, having activities to make tie-dye cloth, watching weaving, and boiling silk to make silk thread. collect chicken eggs for cooking There is a restaurant to accommodate and sell drinks, collect vegetables and watch the way of life of silkworms. My son likes it very much.