Wat Sri Suphan (วัดศรีสุพรรณ) the Silver Hall

Wat Sri Suphan (วัดศรีสุพรรณ) the Silver Hall

This ornate, Lanna-style Buddhist temple was originally built during the Mangrai dynasty. The "Silver Temple" here is probably the single most beautiful building of around 20 Temples I've seen in Chiang Mai so far. Amazing detailed metalwork. This is one of the bucket list places we had when we traveled to Chiang Mai. We reached there during sunset and were instantly mesmerized by the beauty of this place. Chiang Mai Thailand.The Silver temple.

For some reason whilst women can't go inside this building, they can visit the second main assembly hall and traditional temple building. There are several craft stalls on this site and the shrine "Elephant Buddha Statue" where offerings were being made. I was fascinated by this small silver temple and its detailed craftsmanship. Although it is outside the walls of the old city, it is worth the walk.

Chiang Mai Thailand. The Silver temple. Unfortunately, women can not step inside the temple but the exterior is more impressive anyways.
This Wat was beautiful and had 2 giant bodhi trees. The silver look is amazing and don't forget to look at the floor as it is stunning as well but can get overlooked. One note as with all Wats women are not allowed in one of the temples and for this one, it's the silver one. Here I saw also a Sal tree which is said to be the type of tree the Buddha was born under and supported his mother during birth. Great craftsmanship. But judging from the gilded modern details, most of the facade works were done in recent years, not the manga dynasty, but still very impressive. Was not pleased to find out that women were not allowed in. Beautiful temple. Also sells various statues, amulets, and merit-making items (incense, candles, etc). Well worth the visit. Has special events sometimes in the evenings on the weekend. It also has an excellent exhibit about silver crafting and Lanna's history.

Very beautiful silver temple! So surprised that I didn't find an article talking about it online. But luckily we met a local and he recommended this to me. The silver temple exterior is interesting with ancient 7 wonders, modern cities and even marvel characters! Women aren't allowed to go in. This temple was recommended by a local. Once I went there I was astonished by the beauty of this unique temple. Somehow it's not listed among the highlights of Chiang Mai, and I just cannot understand why.
All of the ASEAN countries are on the side.
Marvel characters are hidden in the walls.
Beautiful silver made up the entire temple.
Wat Sri Suphan also called The Silver Temple is truly one of the most beautiful temples in Chiang Mai. This unique temple is almost completely clad in silver. It is one of a kind in Thailand and perhaps in Asia. The temple is located in Wualai District, Chiang Mai’s traditional silver-making village just south of the old city. A beautiful Wat that needs to be seen both at night and during the day. The silver color is interesting in the daylight, and the color-changing lights they shine on it at night are a unique touch. Such a hidden gem in Chiangmai. A kind of little-known off-the-beaten-track attraction. I was impressed by how detailed and stunning it was. A different temple in Chiang Mai. Visit the Saturday night with the street market and it was free. A shame that women cannot enter the silver temple. A bit of nonsense... This is not Islam. Beautiful with the lights at night and free entrance!
Very unique. Worth visiting. The all-silver temple is a sight to see in Hua Hin Thailand. Women are not allowed inside but men are. No shorts allowed. However, women can not enter the silver hall. I find it hard to understand why women are not allowed to go inside.

Truly beautiful. Astonishing masterpiece! A gem hidden in Chiang Mai, it’s been 4 years that I live here but I discovered this temple only a few days ago!

The work which has been done during that time is amazing, the attention to every detail makes it even more beautiful. I didn't know what I was going to see but I was completely blown away. The work that has gone into this site is magnificent with a large amount of silver having been used in its construction. Otherwise known as The Silver Hall it is males only inside (as some temples are) but fantastic regardless. You really must walk right around the outside to take advantage of all of the inscriptions. Well worth a visit. Left me feeling uplifted!

This is a must-visit temple. Unlike others it's silver! Bring silver it gives it a special kind of feel. There are so many little details that you can spend quite some time exploring its different areas. Unfortunately, women aren't allowed into its inner sanctum, but there is still a lot to be discovered in the walls surrounding the temple... Find Stonehenge for example!
Interesting artwork inside and outside of the Silver Temple. Great Silver Temple..
A lot of beautiful details on the whole building n everything is made of silver. Stunning Temple, it's an art piece totally Silver. It's kind of crazy, stories made out of metal inside of the temple. An amazing small temple, off the beaten track, a visit was recommended by a friendly local man.

The artwork in and out of this temple is so intricate and beautiful, there is so much detail. As is usual with temples, there are surprises, and seeing the engravings of the seven wonders of the world was a surprise for me.

There is a small entrance fee, and sadly women are not permitted to enter the temple.
I visited today 1st November 2022...First time since covid...a few weeks ago the old chedi collapsed after too much rainfall, so some pictures of the ruins

The actual Silver Temple is still amazing! One the nicest temples in Chiang Mai. Just next to the Saturday walking street. It's a very nice Temple, The Monks it's very friendly, Nice temple ever. I have a video of this temple on my YouTube Channel, the name of my YouTube Channel is Ivy C & Oli B. Please watch my video, like it, and subscribe. Thanks. Yup. Worth the visit. An entire building covered in decorated metal. Just not what you would find anywhere else. Lots of amenities and shops with bike parking. Give it a visit. It's hard to be able to see Wat Sri Suphan properly due to parked cars and food vendor stalls.

Beautiful temple, small but different from most as it's decorated with mostly silver. Try to come after sunset too, because the temple lights up with different colors and it's right next to a walking street that is busy at night. The only thing to note is women are not allowed inside. Most people come just to look at the Silver Temple rather than the whole complex.