Khlong Mae Kha

Khlong Mae Kha

If you want leisure time walking and enjoying the products from the local northern people, you should come here.
You can find souvenirs, food, and desserts here too. There are so many spots to take photos.
You can take a red minibus here or there’s a car park nearby, so easy. I think the perfect time to visit this place is around 4.30 - 5 pm. as it won’t be so hot and all of the shops are open already.

It is a beautiful place to take a stroll, with small and quaint stalls around. After going around Thailand, I would say it is pretty much similar to any night market. The streets are lined with lights and beautiful sights. People with kids have to be careful as there are no barricades. Nice place for pictures as it is quite unique for me.

I went to this area in the afternoon around 3:30 and there were not too many people. around 4:30 to 5:00, a lot of people started to come in maybe to see the sunset. It was very nice that local children were running around and having fun, and seeing artistic walls and decorations. It was interesting that many food places seemed to be inspired by Japan, they even had Taiyaki!

Amazing walking street with lots of authentic eating and drinking street-style options, selfy spots, and goods. There's paid parking (10 baht for a bike, 40 for a car), and a paid toilet (10 baht). I personally found it very relaxing and beautiful at night, a great spot to grab some snacks, and ice cream, and chill out. What is inspiring is that this project will boost the community in general, allowing people of the neighborhood to thrive, so come and support their effort - the vibe is certainly unique.